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Prevention Made Profitable

Amerging Medical advances the use of new technologies to an ecosystem of health and wellness partners for the purpose of prevention.  Amerging Medical is dedicated to illustrating that good prevention also makes good business sense.

Keeping up with the newest health and heart technologies can be a challenge. We at Amerging Medical not only do it for you, we make sure they are profitable. Some of these technologies have been with us for awhile, but are poised to get better or cheaper. Others have only recently surfaced, but will be used by many in a matter of years.

Adding technology has increased revenues for practices thousands a month and brings in additional clients


Affordable Genetic Screening

Find out what genes are optimized to work for your clients and which ones are working against them!


Genetics, the key to personalized medicine and personalized nutrition.

  • Knowing your clients genes may help in understanding the impact on their health and enable you to help them plan for the future
  • Personalize their health by reviewing their DNA report with your client
  • See if you have inherited a specific genetic disadvantage
  • Remove worry and/or create focus
  • Genes are instructions, which tell your body how to make all the proteins it needs to survive and grow – By identifying each of these Genes and proteins, you can better help your client  understand how their body works.
  • Genetically Guided Nutrition also available after assessment (Nutrigenomics)
  • Give a Personal Consultation to explain DNA report

Offer An Affordable Supportive Genetic Assessment That Assesses 12 SNP’s

Cardiovascular Gene     MTRR The CoQ10 Gene NQ01
Cardiovascular Enzyme Gene MTHFR The SuperOxide Gene SOD2
Cholesterol Oxidation Gene PON-1 The Vitamin D Gene     VDR
Cholesterol Gene ApoB Antioxidative Gene GPX1
Blood Pressure Gene CYP11B2 The Detox Gene EPHX
Inflammation Response Gene TNF-ALPHA Collagen Health Gene

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